Hygienic protection

for hospitals, clinics, medical practices, patient rooms and intensive care or IMC wards:

veri:con cleanic: the more hygienic alternative to curtains or slats:

  • Wipeable
  • Disinfectable
  • Textile free
  • Without silver ions, without copper
  • Is only kept clean by wet cleaning agents
  • Permanently flame retardant (DIN 4102 B1)

More information can be found at: veri:con cleanic

Contract fabrics without plastic

feischee-­­­cotton fr®

Textiles from nature

  • permanently flame retardant as per DIN 4102 B1
  • ecological
  • sustainable compostable
  • hypoallergenic
  • improved hygiene - washable at high temperature

More information: feischee-­­­cotton fr®


Permanently flame retardant!


  • antibacterial and water-binding, which ensures very low moisture and prevents the development of bacteria
  • breathable and has a cooling effect
  • robust and dirt-repellent
  • hypoallergenic and antibacterial

More information: linen-fr

Maasberg, the fensterieur. Textile Passion over eight decades.

Seen in light - Room solutions that set standards

For over eight decades the name of Maasberg has stood as a guarantee for textile expertise born of passion. Even though colours and decor may change, the passion with which the family company is run by Gunther Maasberg, member of the fourth generation, is the same as it was in the year 1925 (when Ludwig Maasberg founded the company).


Dont limit your imagination: make it happen!

Maasberg is "The Fensterieur“ and as a one stop shop today stands for room solutions around the window as well as for functional aesthetics and flexibility in the textile sector. The day-to-day work of our family company is devoted to achieving the best overall impression of your rooms. With unique solutions, the highest design expertise and that particular charm which is essential to perfect everyday solutions.

Technique develops from the primitive via the complicated to the simple

(Saint Exupery)

Panel factory

even, crease-free, handleless, cordless, simple

The Maasberg company has developed an innovation which is as simple as it is brilliant: The product line panel factory consists of the sun protection systems: hori:zon, veri:con und sky:zon.

All this is in accordance with contemporary architecture: clean lines, smooth surfaces. Shade only where you need it - convincingly obvious. It's like sunglasses, there solely to protect the eyes.

You can't move the sun but you can shift the shade

Whether at the window, in the middle of the room or even at skylights, the panel factory systems can be used anywhere and provide you with the desired shade without taking away daylight. Our panel factory's uniqueness which is relevant in design and function allow sus the possibility of creating shading and view protection even more in line with real needs than conventional solutions. Thus, more light is allowed into the room (than with present glare protection systems - blinds, lamellas).


The level of natural light increases, the level of artificial light decreases.

Office: New room atmosphere thanks to light optimisation.

Hotels: Concepts for hotels and guests.

Gastronomy: Relaxing at a restaurant.

Social institutions: Feel-good ambiance to enhance well-being.

Energetic optimization with interior sun-shading

Natural light entry and a comfortable room climate, but also the ecological balance of the textiles are important aspects of good and effective internal sun protection.

More information can be found here

A selection of our references and projects

In our reference overview you can get a comprehensive picture of selected, successfully completed construction projects from various industries. More information can be found here

Large catalogs for sustainable products and furnishings in e-commerce.

TUTAKA, a shopping platform for sustainable products for the hotel and hospitality industry. A young company with sustainability strategies without greenwashing. Also Archiproducts for products and furnishings in e-commerce. With over 260,000 products, 3,500 brands and 2.7 million registered users, it is the largest network for architecture and design. Maasberg's sustainable products can now also be found on both platforms.
Info:  TUTAKA     Info: Archiproducts

TUTAKA & Archiproducts present the feischee-cotton fr collection.
TUTAKA & Archiproducts present the feischee-cotton fr collection.

Products without preservatives

Maasberg, with its natural fabrics, was part of the intensive renovation and modernization of the only German hotel in state ownership. The banquet hall, the rotunda and the conference areas of the Grand Hotel Petersberg were furnished with environmentally friendly fabrics and materials. A detailed report on this and some photos of Maasberg products can be found in the BTH Heimtex Magazin 10.2020.

Maasberg’s ''feischee-cotton fr'' product line which was presented at the fair was awarded by AIT, the great trade magazine for architects and interior designers

AIT – Architecture – Interior Design – Technical Finishes – being a trade magazine for architecture focuses on the room itself. In the field of interior design and the interior finish ithe magazine has its special competence.


In addition to design – in particular regarding commercial and public buildings the AIT magazine explicitly makes an issue of their technical finish in one special column.

According to AIT Maasbergs feischee-cotton fr product line presented at the fair absolutely meets current trends. Jointly with the jury and trend scouts they are of the opinion:

there has been sufficient plastic all over the world