veri:con - the "better" panel factory

No question of perspective

The good thing about brilliant ideas: they work from every perspective! hori:zon makes a headstand and the result is veri:con, the better sliding panel curtain.


Better because veri:con has clear advantages compared to conventional sliding curtains, slats or roller blinds.


The fields of application are just as varied as with hori:zon: as an office sun shading, for hotel room shading, as a glare protection panel curtain or as a sight protection ensuring privacy. Even with the design, there aren`t any limits and we realize your wishes made to measure!

Sturdy aluminum frame: The fabric panels are clamped in an aluminum frame and thereby are protected and fixed.


Easier handling: This results in a better mobility of the panel curtains. Pushing and pulling are child's play, there are no disturbing handles, no finger marks on the fabric, no dangling cords and no annoying fluttering of the glare or privacy screens.


Flexibility: Various mounting options also allow its use "around the corner" with a parking position in front of the inner wall. Glass surfaces remain free.


Hygiene: Straight surfaces such as Plexiglas or removable fabrics are easy to clean and always look like new ones.

veri:con cleanic

Hygienic privacy in the hospital

  • wipeable
  • disinfectable
  • textile free