- sustainable - without polyester - without plastic - permanent flame retardancy


feischee-cotton fr

Cotton and fire-proof *- it’s not a contradiction!

The feischee-cotton fr collection combines the advantages of cotton as a natural material with the safety standards that are required for contract fabrics.

The patented technique results in a molecular modification of the vegetal materials. This ensures fire-proofness at all times, without changing their characteristics. The fabrics of the feischee-cotton fr collection have all the benefits of ‘a good material’.



natural material


and biodegradable

not statically chargeable

free from oil / polyester


can be boiled (the fabrics must be washed with soft or distilled water according to the washing advice)



made in germany

Good conscience – a good feeling feischee-cotton fr: naturally safe

The material, made of natural fibers, is permanently flame retardant, environmentally friendly and versatile.

Molecular reactions

The secret of our patented technique consists in a chemical reaction which modifies the molecular composition of the natural fibres. In the past, fire-resistant textiles were always made from artificial fibres. But with this innovative process, we can now use cotton, flax, hemp or jute for the purpose.

Among the special advantages offered by a material are that it is skinfriendly and composts well. By contrast with fire-resistant artificial fibres, its production does not involve the use of environmentally and toxic additives.


“Future belongs to recyclable materials!  These sustainable contract fabrics bring along many ecological advantages and besides they are flame retardant which is a K.O. criterion in the object. This shows impressively which is possible without processing any plastic or other pollutants. That is the only reason why we put the collection onto our platform.”


“It is important for us to use ecologically sustainable materials also and especially in school architecture.  We are building the future: Sublime old building structure, renovated as to modern aspects with fabrics that do good to the future: that is what we owe to generations to come.”


“In the future, people will pay more attention to sustainable materials“


Maasberg’s ''feischee-cotton fr'' product line which was presented at the fair was awarded by AIT, the great trade magazine for architects and interior designers.

AIT – Architecture – Interior Design – Technical Finishes – being a trade magazine for architecture focuses on the room itself. In the field of interior design and the interior finish is the magazine has its special competence. 


In addition to design – in particular regarding commercial and public buildings the AIT magazine explicitly makes an issue of their technical finish in one special column.

According to AIT Maasberg’s “feischee-cotton fr” product line presented at the fair absolutely meets current trends. Jointly with the jury and trend scouts they are of the opinion: there has been sufficient plastic all over the world.

Synthetic fibres, plastic and microfibre

all of them are not decomposed in nature and for that reason they are causing increasing problems. In the meantime polyester is contained in about 60 per cent of fabrics produced all over the world. The cheap synthetic fibre has turned out to be a disaster for the oceans.

Textiles made of cotton also because of our ecological responsibility. Raw material is renewable. Energy consumption in the production process is low. Fibre & fabric are completely bio-degradable - an increasingly important aspect.

BEN, the flame retardant bedding

Our collection

combines the advantages of the natural material cotton with the required safety for object textiles. Assembled in standard sizes:



Cushion cover: 80 x 80 cm

Duvet cover: 135 x 200 cm



Also available as curtain fabric.

Special sizes and special colors possible.


For further questions we are always at your disposal.

In the color variants:

Ben yellow


Ben green 

Ben orange


Ben sand


Ben white