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As an expert in object equipment, we are the ideal textile partner for the realisation of your design ideas! As a manufacturer-independent full-service provider we provide for specific sampling and consultation, even for special colours, fabrics and solutions.


Our solutions include site measuring, delivery and installation of curtain rails, net curtains, transparent and double curtains, daylight blinds, panel curtain systems or textile lamella systems. Custom-made from a single source. Sampling, Manufacture, Installation, Decoration.

The difficulty lies not so much in developing ideas as in escaping from the old ones

(John Maynard Keynes)

Feel free to ask us, we will respond with ideas!


vertically displaceable panels:

- The simple is not always brilliant, but the brilliant is always simple!

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Veri:con are our sun shading panels on standard windows. The panels are moved horizontally - from left to right.

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Panel in the 3rd dimension: Shading of skylights, light bands, conservatories, glass roofs etc

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feischee-cotton fr

Cotton and fire-proof - it’s not a contradiction!

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Linen and fireproof - no contradiction. Our combination of properties makes linen an excellent choice for curtains.

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