- sustainable - without polyester - without plastic - permanent flame retardancy


Linen has been processed for thousands of years and was one of the most widely used fabrics alongside wool from ancient Greece and Rome to the European Middle Ages.

Compared to cotton, linen has various other properties that make it a unique natural material. Due to the properties of its fiber, it is more hard-wearing and tear-resistant than cotton, making it more durable as a contract fabric and growing in Europe. In addition, linen requires less water in the production process compared to cotton and is processed purely mechanically, i.e. without the use of chemicals.
Linen-fr is an excellent material for curtains as it offers many advantages. In addition to its simple elegance, durability and timeless beauty, linen also has an antibacterial effect and can absorb moisture to prevent the formation of bacteria.

It is also breathable and provides a cooling effect, which makes it particularly attractive for use in patients' and residents' rooms. Linen is also resistant to soiling, hypoallergenic and has other antibacterial properties.
Another advantage of Maasberg linen curtains is that they are permanently flame-retardant (DIN 4102 B1). They offer additional safety and are suitable for use in hospitals, homes or schools.

This combination of properties makes linen-fr an excellent choice for curtains in public buildings, especially in terms of hygiene, durability and safety.
The use of linen fabrics creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere thanks to their light fabric. They are also available in various densities and exclusive colors, making them a popular choice for modern, polyester-free interior design.

Sustainability characterizes our time and our design

Linen-fr fits in with the times, as a hard-wearing, durable material that can also be washed and ironed at high temperatures (according to care instructions).
Overall, linen curtains are an excellent choice for those looking for natural, durable, easy-care and contemporary curtains. Sustainable contract fabrics save the world more plastic waste!


natural material


and biodegradable

not statically chargeable

free from oil / polyester


can be boiled



made in germany